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Elks Cruise Newsletter 10/02/2019



Elks Cruise Newsletter Hello from your cruise directors, Todd & Melissa. We hope that everyone has enjoyed their their summer and now it's time for Pumpkin Spice everythings.. As we are getting closer to our sail date, we have a few things that we would like to make you aware of. 1. FINAL PAYMENT: As final payment is next month,(11/1/2019) we are starting to see everyone submitting their final payments. The biggest question we always get is, "Now What?" Once you have submitted your final payment you will get a link and directions on how to access NCL's site and put in your information to print off your boarding passes. (Boarding passes are available to print 30 days prior to the cruise) The link will be in the email we send out with your "Paid In Full" email. There is also a new link on our website called "I Am Booked - Now What" There you will find videos that will walk you through the next steps and help to get you all set and ready to go for your vacation. Definitely check out the first video called "Check In & Start Planning Your Cruise." https://www.myonlinecruiseagent.com/i-m-booked-now-what 2. SHORE EXCURSIONS: If as part of your cruise package you did the shore excursion credits, then you will need to book those through Norwegian. Do NOT book them in your My NCL account. In order to get the credit you must find the excursion you want in your My NCL account and call NCL's shore excursion desk at 1-866-625-1167. Your other option would be to book the excursion on the ship. They do hold back half the excursion spaces so that they may be booked on the ship. And finally, as in the years past we offer shore excursions. Our excursions are priced cheaper than the ships and come with a "Get You Back To The Ship" Guarantee. You can book our excursions here: https://www.shoreexcursionsgroup.com/?id=488431&data=Todd@myonlinecruiseagent.com 3. MOBILITY/SCOOTERS: If you are going to be in need of renting a scooter for your trip, we take care of that as the rentals from only one company are allowed on the ship. This is because if you have a problem with your rental while on vacation, they have the personnel and equipment there to take care of that rental. We already are starting a list of those that have contacted us and need scooters. If you need a scooter, send us an email with your name, height, and weight and we can get you a quote for the scooter that fits. groups@myonlinecruiseagent.com 4. HOTELS: We now have a list of hotels listed on our website for Both the Orlando Airport and the Cape Canaveral area. This list is provided as a courtesy to those on our group cruises. Also as a courtesy, if you know the hotel you want to stay at AND it is listed as one of the hotels on our website, AND you would like us to book it for you, give us a call at 1-800-491-8503. Unfortunately, as an event production company, we do not have the staff or the time to do price shopping and comparisons. Hotels can be found at the top of the bpage under the hotels link at https://www.myonlinecruiseagent.com/ 5. GETTING TO AND FROM THE SHIP: The port is 45 minutes to an hour from Orlando depending are where you are. IMPORTANT! JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE AIR WITH NORWEGIAN CRUISE LINE DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE TRANSFERS. DOUBLE CHECK WITH US IF YOU ARE NOT SURE. *Coming in Day Of The Cruise: Make sure that that you have round trip transfers added to your cruise. *Coming in a day or two before the cruise. If you are using air from Norwegian and choose to come in a day or two before the cruise, chances are you do not have transfers to the port.. When using NCL air and not coming in the day of the cruise, Norwegian's system automatically drops the transfer going to the port. They don't know if you are going to the keys or to Disney World, or what you are doing. If it's your intention to return to the airport on cruise day and use Norwegian's transfers, please let us know. Important side note. You will not get left behind. At any time you can show up to the airport, go to baggage claim, find the Norwegian Cruise Line representative and tell them you want to get to the port. They will get you on the bus and your room will be charged for the transfer. The same thing holds true for the return. At any time you can tell the ship that you want transferred back to the airport. 6. PRIVATE FACEBOOK PAGE: If you have not done so yet, make sure that you have requested to join the private Facebook page. Information goes out there faster than it goes anywhere else and you can talk with cruisers that are on this trip. https://www.facebook.com/groups/elkscruisers/


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